Add IV & Ozone Services to Your Clinic

Add these service centers to your integrative practice to diversify your regenerative medicine programs. These protocols allow enhancements to current regenerative treatments, as well as entry point services to new public.

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Within 2 days your office can be up and running with these IV therapeutic services! Adding a new service (and profit) line will ensure that you are not only helping more of your community, but also expanding your clinic's viability.

Add new service centers that are desired by the public

Be the solution for the current immune boosting needs of the community

Learn the materials and have added to your service lines WITHIN ONE WEEK

Great introductory cash service to introduce your community to your office

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"The speaker demonstrated experiential knowledge of the topics and close instruction with attentiveness and lots of time for injections."

Sonya, NP

October 2020

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